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adeli inc. is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to providing salient solutions to pressing business challenges around the globe using the latest innovations in finance, accounting, marketing and data analytics.


The global pandemic has fundamentally proliferated the need for companies around the globe, regardless of industry, to expedite the rate through which digitalization is addressed. At adeli, our dedicated team of experts are here to provide actionable data-driven solutions to help your business thrive during these uncertain times.

Accounting is often characterized as the "language of business". We view it as the fundamental foundation required to operate a sound and profitable business. From healthcare practitioners to restauranteurs, adeli is proud to service a wide range of clientele for all accounting and finance related matters.

Accounting & Finance

Combining the latest and most salient solutions to tackle challenges related to operations optimization, our team at adeli is also proud to harbor the creativity required to devise, launch, and implement highly effective marketing campaigns. From increasing customer engagement rates online for leading healthcare organizations, to optimizing and designing dynamic menus for one of Canada's most highly rated fast food restaurants; our team is dedicated to delivering simplified and effective solutions to any challenge your business may face.

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Managing Partner

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